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Katecheo Seminar

Last Saturday's Seminar 01/31/2015, "God's Blessing For The Believer" and "Generational Curses" was a huge success. We had over 40 guest to listen and absorb the seminar's informative presentation.  The food was great, the speakers were great, the volunteers were great, overall everything was awesome.  A big "thank you" to all, that help make this event a success and thank you to all the people that attended.  Pastor Bob, Charmaine and Terry were awesome.
Below is a 5 minute video snippet of the seminar, a DVD is in the works and will be available soon. Thank You to Charmaine and her Family  for the great dishes they made and to all that brought in refreshments. God Bless..... Pastor Bob.


Katecheo Grads 2014

Another great graduation ceremony from Katecheo Bible Training Center. The opening prayer given by Frank Royster, followed by Worship songs from Skip and Kayla. Our featured speakers from Justin Cartwright, Hector Hernandez and Cece Cloman they were AWESOME! The students receive their certificates and congratulation from Pastor Bob. We had a special recognition and appreciation from Cory White the 1st was a tribute to Coleen Gray and the 2nd a special thanks to one of our sponsors U-SWIRL best yogurt in LV. Pretina Lowery introduced Pastor Bob and he handed out certificates, closing remarks by Charmaine Wheaton along with closing prayer. A message from Pastor Bob; "It is an honor to declare to the 1st year students you have completed the first step in your journey of 'A Closer Walk With God'. For the 2nd year students you have grown in much wisdom and knowledge of God."

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Katecheo Bible Training is here !       

God has placed a burden on my heart to train up saints who truly hunger for more of God. I have been a bible teacher and pastor for the last 30 plus years. I have witnessed first hand what happens to people when they are allowed to experience the deeper things of God. 

God has given me a vision to start a bible training center.  This isn’t intended to be a college or school of theology, but it is a place where the average person can attain a deeper level in their Christian walk. The first year course will be based upon Christian Life Principles and the second year program will be Ministerial Training classes. The goal is to help pastors train up leaders and workers in your church. The entire concept is based upon the belief that the Bible is the infallible word of God. 

I personally believe that God gave me the name for the school. It is Katecheo Bible Training Center. Katecheo is Greek and means "to train up or to instruct". I also know that “we are to study to show ourselves approved (II Timothy 2:15). I really believe that many Christians today are not prepared for what lies ahead in these trying times, and I know how very demanding Pastoring a church can be. Pastors are called to be doctors, mediators, advocates for Christ as well as to minister to the sick, and counsel the broken hearted. We can’t forget that pastors are also called upon to minister The Word to their congregations.

All I want to do is raise up workers for God. The harvest is plentiful and the workers are few.
                                                                Pastor Bob Paget

Application for admission are still being accepted.

And Enoch walked with God: and he was not; for God took him.

Question Is...do you want a "Closer Walk with God"?
If so...Come to Katecheo!

Where: 1175 American Pacific Suite C, Henderson, NV 89024
Call to enroll: 702-994-7724

Pastor Robert G. Paget Sr.
email: pastorbob@ktbibletrainingcenter.com  Visit our website at: http://www.ktbibletrainingcenter.com/Home_Page.html

The important thing to remember is that the underlying reason for studying any subject is to gain knowledge about something that inspires curiosity and a desire to transform knowledge into action.

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Here are the photos from Katecheo 1st year grads click here to view, It was a great night, great speeches, great food, great fun.   The students gave Pastor Bob a laptop, much needed tool.

2013 Graduation Class

Here are the photos, slideshow with music, and the video, of the 2013 Katecheo Graduates, it was a fantastic ceremony celebrating the students graduation. The guest attendance was Standing Room Only (SRO) the set-up crew had to dig up extra chairs from the offices to accomodate the seating. Thank you to all the "behind the scene" personnal, thanks to Charmaine, CC, Mary Lou,  Olivia, Hector, Willie, Jody, Rod, Athena, - great, great job.  Our guest speakers were outstanding as you will see on the video - Frank, Pretina, Shirley and Charmaine.  The worship team Skip, Terry, Destiny and Kayla all were awesome.  Of course a huge thanks to our Pastor Bob for the "BOLDNESS" and teaching of the "WORD".  Overall it was great night for Katecheo and one more thing - The food was the "BOMB". Great evening for everyone and "THAT'S KATECHEO" right Shirley. Click on the  photo for larger image.

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