Katecheo Grads 2014

Another great graduation ceremony from Katecheo Bible Training Center. The opening prayer given by Frank Royster, followed by Worship songs from Skip and Kayla. Our featured speakers from Justin Cartwright, Hector Hernandez and Cece Cloman they were AWESOME! The students receive their certificates and congratulation from Pastor Bob. We had a special recognition and appreciation from Cory White the 1st was a tribute to Coleen Gray and the 2nd a special thanks to one of our sponsors U-SWIRL best yogurt in LV. Pretina Lowery introduced Pastor Bob and he handed out certificates, closing remarks by Charmaine Wheaton along with closing prayer. A message from Pastor Bob; "It is an honor to declare to the 1st year students you have completed the first step in your journey of 'A Closer Walk With God'. For the 2nd year students you have grown in much wisdom and knowledge of God."

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