2013 Graduation Class

Here are the photos, slideshow with music, and the video, of the 2013 Katecheo Graduates, it was a fantastic ceremony celebrating the students graduation. The guest attendance was Standing Room Only (SRO) the set-up crew had to dig up extra chairs from the offices to accomodate the seating. Thank you to all the "behind the scene" personnal, thanks to Charmaine, CC, Mary Lou,  Olivia, Hector, Willie, Jody, Rod, Athena, - great, great job.  Our guest speakers were outstanding as you will see on the video - Frank, Pretina, Shirley and Charmaine.  The worship team Skip, Terry, Destiny and Kayla all were awesome.  Of course a huge thanks to our Pastor Bob for the "BOLDNESS" and teaching of the "WORD".  Overall it was great night for Katecheo and one more thing - The food was the "BOMB". Great evening for everyone and "THAT'S KATECHEO" right Shirley. Click on the  photo for larger image.

Click here to view video then click play button

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  1. Your in good hands with the Lord...Praise God & Pray for Jody, Bob & the entire Paget Family.
    All My Prayers ....